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I really feel so low at times; the Evil in me is unleashed. I never pretend to be someone I am not, yet I am shocked at the way I behave at times, why do I do the things I hate the most. I judge people when they do the same things that I hate, am being preachy. What’s the point? I feel so guilty after I’ve calmed down. We do the exact things that we hate to do, we hurt the very persons that we love the most…..out of irritation…I am so preachy about everything, yet….  But, why so much hypocrisy in me?

I realise that am a complex being, having all the qualities, that of an angel and of a beast in the same body at the same time, what needs is just a trigger, which might be a sight of a helpless disabled beggar on the pavement or even domestic violence….  This trigger is I feel the external environment and how much ever it is bothersome, how you stay out of it being a part of it is the trick, like a Lotus.

Lotus blooms in the muck that none of us would want to step into, yet it’s the flower that is revered even above the rose to praise the deities. It blooms over the muck not beneath it.  The complexity of the human character is impossible to understand because every soul is different with a unique goal to achieve this time, among its many journeys which lead it to reincarnate. Every time we fail, a new chance is given to make up the mistakes. I read in the Laws of the Spirit World (a great and popular book in India), that we choose the parents, the date of birth, the three due dates of death, far before getting into the wombs of our moms. But most of the times instead of correcting the mistakes of the earlier lives we end up making new set of mistakes…that’s sad! Moreover all souls are different and may have similar trials but because of their experiences in their past incarnations they are so intensely different in their responses. Also an interesting part is that we have a set of likes and dislikes which differ from our parents, which is predominantly due to our likes and dislikes in the previous reincarnations.

Then what’s the point in saying that accidents happen……suddenly?  Is not everything predestined, rather say that every incident was chosen by us in the other world?

Well I read an interesting & wonderful book called THE KARMA HANDBOOK… sheds much light upon these aspects of diseases, accidents, things that we think happen just like that or because of some germs. It enlightens the reader upon the remedies that regression therapy can bring to a diseased person. I personally feel that unless a soul wants to take upon itself the experience of something, it is unaffected by germs, bombs, diseases….etc…etc…

Let’s say that I have mocked the mentally challenged people who deserve help and heartfelt love in my previous incarnation……then I die at an old age ……go to the Spirit world and see how I have mocked people and hurt them when they are so desperate for help and love,, at this point in the spirit world I feel awful and want to pay for the mistakes I made, so I decide with the help of my spirit guides that I will incarnate again on earth with a different mental state…..(again I would like to say that I say different because I believe they are different in the sense of perceiving situations, concepts, remembrances. I do not think that they are mad and they need to be confined into the asylum in the hands of some heartless doctors and matrons…..they need more attention than us….and they love us back more than a normal person would.) I think that these mental diseases are not diseases like the doctors call them, in fact they are the state of mind…..I read about schizophrenia that this disease engulfs its hosts into the world of unseen….unseen according to us…..maybe they really see the things that we don’t see, we don’t hear. Does that make them mad?

Many spiritualists and parapsychologists in different cultures speak to the dead…..are they mad? The dead who has not gone to the Spirit world needs to communicate to someone and that choice is made by the dead soul, whom we do not see. It chooses whom it wants to reveal itself to, it needs to have a mental connection. Many books state that all souls can see through a person, know his thoughts, see through his clothes, and I would call them the X-ray machines of the mind and body.

I think every disease speaks about some aspect of the soul…….I personally feel that diabetes happens to the ones who are sword tongued, who hurt others by their bitter words, so in the process over the years what happens is that the body is unable to digest the sugar, term it medically-insulin is not produced in the pancreas… they are told not to consume sugar….cause they cannot handle sweetness.  Though all diseases are not the creation of a person in his latest incarnation, some diseases happen as a result of past incarnations….if I were a barbaric man wanting to punish a traitor, I would have burnt his eyes… this incarnation I would be born blind.

Does this mean that like the people of old times we hate the beggars, lepers, diseased, and confine them out of the city walls? That’s the worst mistake any one can do! That way we accumulate more negative karma.

Love only love, love without expectation will help and increase positive karma.

I loved THE KARMA HANDBOOK BY TRUTZ HARDO and MANY MANSIONS BY GINA CERMINERA, these two books talk greatly about reincarnation and the like minded will love it too.

If you are like me, I recommend you read it !!!


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