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What Prophetic Lies..   Leave a comment

“Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, today (May 24), said the government was confident of bringing down inflation to 5-6 per cent by December, while blaming high prices on the global developments such as the financial crisis.” (Source : Mumbai Mirror Article)

What is dadaji saying? He has any sense? What can he do in country with a population like a swarm of bees in the honey comb?

He should take some vitamin and mineral supplement and go to sleep. He really really needs rest, more and more rest. I figured that out after I read this artcle. What I guess he would be doing is gather around more of his oldies dadaji group in his cabinet and formulate some new taxing system, with the help of Pronob dadu of Bengal who kept on shaking hands with Condoleeza Rice at an international political meeting.

Pronob dadu didn’t want to leave her hand. That’s why Indian men are known as DESPERADOS abroad, due to some bizarre people like dadoo. Why don’t he eat rice, shukto, macher jhol and sleep. Let him listen to some Rabindra sangeet, that might give him some insight about the crisis we “common people” have to face….

And this holds true for all in this Government…


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