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Finally the HSC results were out the day before yesterday in Mumbai, and it was time to party for lots, and time for the pyre for some. What a shame!

Why doesn’t dadaji the paaji our dear Prime Minister do anything
about it? Oh yes I forgot to say that he is the strongest and the most obedient Punjab da sher in Sonia’s Congress circus.

With a country that has more villages with farmers and army-men, Sonia sees the importance to sign the “nuke deal”. Why doesn’t she concentrate on the nude deal that our fellow villagers go through, their suicides and their cries, their education, their shelter, forget about electricity and the modern modes of transport?

Most of the country side is unlit in the evenings and during the day there is load shedding. All thanks to the Congress raaj by our bahu Sonia.

What is the use of literacy if someone is not elevated intellectually
as well as emotionally?

I feel that like everyone in the school whatever medium be is taught alphabets and numerical likewise the government should include the syllabus that makes the pupil emotionally strong.

After all we don’t want a frustrated India, do we?

I am not saying that we haven’t progressed over the last 63 years but the progress has been a mockery rather than a matter of pride.

Why doesn’t our government tackle the problems of the society first then shift their glance to other international affairs?

Why isn’t the education system reformed? They won’t reform any of the laws, they won’t amend them.

Why is the standard 12  ( HSC) pattern divided into science, commerce and arts? My father who’s a grandfather now has been through that same old system.

Perhaps we need to keep in mind the different interests of children in mind rather than giving them on an “old plate to eat because that is what we want them to eat”

The old system of ranking plus those same subjects have worn out the creative minds of the students just like the bone joints of our old 80 plus aged ministers have worn out.

Why do we need those oldies? They can’t even walk straight, plus their false teeth, that’s why they don’t smile at the media functions. They have such a narrow and uncreative, unrealistic way of education. Their old tried and tested method is a passé.

They should encourage vocational abilities like singing, dancing,
cookery, painting, pottery, carpentry and sports, not just cricket but football, table tennis, badminton, karate, yoga, martial arts too
should be given much significance. There should be more affordable institutions which polish these talents such that they shine bright in the future and can earn a decent living.

They should include these vocations as a career prospect to those who are not much interested in the likhai-padhai concept of education after  a certain age – says after SSC or Class 10.

Let us – the “common man” bring out the “Kranti” to protest against such education and such policies.


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