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India – My National Concern, My National Shame   Leave a comment

Am seeing and reading a lot about the Indian political scenario and am deeply hurt with the way the Indian politics in marching us towards making India, the No. 1 corrupt country in the world. Why am I saying so? you’ll know….

Democracy & Scams go hand in hand in India

With the onset of the CWG 2010,  it was highlighted by the Indian media as to how the government funds were not used properly, a scam erupted which they said was caused by several government officials. Sheila Dixit created a furore for a week coming on the headlines of how Suresh Kalmadi needs to give account of the expenses entitled under these Commonwealth games…..a week later I see in the newspaper that Sheila Dixit is shaking hands with Suresh Kalmadi….both showing no signs of contempt but it looks like……it’s ok man… we are friends…..and the investigations are still on!

When the media was insisting an answer to the scam, Adarsh Co-operative Society scam came into existence almost like a cover up for the CWG scam….I think all the top leaders are as involved as the scamsters, so they move the pawn as and when they desire, they are the ones who play but rather keep themselves clean in the public view, though they have their players in different states with different roles assigned to them.

These players are replaced when a scam is exposed by a simple resignation like Vilasrao Deshmukh did and now its Ashok Chavan’s turn! These two will be replaced by a new corrupt pawn in the hands of the player called Congress, and a few years down the line some other scam will be exposed to cover up another scam and we will have a still more corrupt leader and there will be crackers and bouquets for that one too.

I used to think in my school days that the democracy is the best way for the people….but now that I have grown up I feel that there are far more disadvantages in a democratic country like ours….the reasons are

1. The majority are rural from villages without basic literacy and do not understand the macro levels of governance, they understand the micro view like the khap panchayats rulings and the gram panchayats ruling.

2. the majority being the village folks in our country in desperate need of money for their basic survival and for the repayment of several loans taken from the landlords and the micro finance systems, leaves them with enough worry about their own selves rather than the country…

3. such people can be easily fooled by the corrupt elect candidates about forgiving of loans, promising of return of lands etc in return of their humble votes

I feel that the opposition and the ruling parties are NOT AT ALL interested about the growing concerns of our country with respect to poverty of our fellow nationals, they just want to be the rulers so that they can milk the cows, cows being the common man-paying large sums as taxes and tolls, for what?

For the pockets of our chief ministers to put the amounts into scams ?…its such a pity and I no longer feel proud of being an Indian Where is the justice gone, just a resignation does not answer your corrupt motives…..that corrupt man Ashok Chavan should be penalised, under whatever sections applicable, and it should be stricter for him because he was a representative of a state.

 BANISH HIM FROM MAHARASHTRA STATE…..why doesn’t RAJ THAKERAY say anything now? Because he is a MAHARASHTRIAN?

The Joker called Kasab – And the joke is on us !

Now the part that hurts me the most……26 Nov 2008 was a nightmare for Mumbai and for people all over the world. Many died and several are rendered disabled because of these terrorist attacks, it’s going to be the second anniversary now, why isn’t Kasab hanged?

Don’t we all know that he is a terrorist and he needs that noose….why are we feeding him? Terrorism has no religion…..again just before two days of 26th of November, the papers will start highlighting about that incident and how so many people will gather to light candles for the martyrs and the lost loved ones… humble suggestion for people who would go to light candles from me is that please go to the courts in a huge group with pictures of your loved ones and stage a protest in front of the court….for hanging of that demon called Kasab…..may be you’ll do some justice by punishing the criminal.

Louts in the Indian Parliament

The parliament is filled with pot-bellied louts having atleast one criminal charge against them…..truly we are ruled by the goons! They are not bothered about the betterment of the country, all they want is to fill their pockets and hoard as much as public funds as they can, for their future generations. What’s the use of elections and voting? All the candidates have a criminal record, and you have to choose one criminal as your leader among the other criminals. Some have havala scams, some have land scams, some are extremists, some are anti-hindu, some are anti-muslim…..and my list doesn’t quite end.

Well the divide and rule of the politicians is a success and we are moving along with it. For votes these ticks want to stir up fights between the two religious groups, so that they have votes of the ignorant people who believe them. And they read the PLEDGE that says ALL INDIANS ARE MY BROTHERS AND SISTERS… you cheat your brother and call him an outsider if he’s from a different state?

People are getting killed in Kashmir, in Assam, in Orissa ….. how can these fat criminal leaders want to hoard rather than do something about these fights and listening to the pleas of the separatist there? Our government is a lazy one!

We stay in the city in the suburbs that is why we do not feel the pressures of money crunch, starvation, sudden naxal attacks, land mines, bus bombing, raiding of shops…..but our natives do!!!!And they are scared, they need someone to stand for them, not coming in some beaconed ambassador and giving a two hour “bhashan” with free samosas and chai.

Is Democracy wrong for India ?

What we need now, is to uproot this old system of democracy, and call in for military rule, a one man show! We need a well read, modern, without religious and social bias, patriotic, young ready to work, unwilling to be bribed and unwilling to bribe, not a lazy lout to take over the whole system and make our laws come into practice without partiality, to be our leader! What concerns me a lot too is that all our states have different languages and they don’t really insist on learning the national language-HINDI.

 There is a national language that binds us together in tongue and it must be learnt by all the nationals of this country, the second reference must be given to the state language and last to English. Am not insisting on Old hindi that we had in school, oral as well as written exams in hindi grammar etc, but just that a person is a hindi literate that is a person can speak, read and write also understand HINDI.

India’s Population and its advantages

There is a huge population in our country and it can be put to a great use, other than just farming, government should ask the private developers to modernise the villages rather than just concentrating on the few cities of our country, subsidies should be allowed.

Chemical, gas, fertilizer, finished product’s factories must be set up in villages to enable much employment, so that the villagers are not just confined to ploughing, tilting and harvesting. Tourism and resorts can be developed of course not private ones but government ones so that cooks, guides, house-keepers, electricians, plumbers, etc are all our own Indians and there can be a 24 hour shift (however if its a private affair then the hotel owners will benefit more than the workers).

The Rich & Poor of India – Two Extremes

It’s not that that I don’t see why an owner must not be benefitted its rather that I feel that the less privileged has a house to run, and he should be given enough so that he can feed, clothe and provide a shelter for his family, and at least make his children literate. However in our country rich people want that the poor must remain poor while they grow richer and richer. They don’t see the ill effects of poverty. I feel if one has abundant wealth he must use it judiciously so that he can better the conditions of fellow human beings in a way that they can earn sufficient bread and butter by it.

Government hospitals can be set up and the village women can be taught the act of nursing. People just don’t want to look at what a blessing they have, they want to look outwards. Our country with a huge man power can produce, cultivate and manufacture its own goods; we don’t need foreign investments, in our country.

We have all the brainy IIT engineers who are making it abroad because we fail to recognise their talents and give them enough remuneration, these brainy MBAs, engineers can definitely come up with a structure that helps the villager as much as it helps the urban people.

But … alas… our structures are made by pot bellied, paan chewing criminal babus accepting bribes in whatever they do, and which suits them the best. Why do we need to import spare parts, goods from abroad when we have idle people waiting for opportunities in our country? All we need is the technology, which I am sure we can produce with the in-house talents that we have in our own country.

It hurts me a lot when I see the rich and poor contrast in our country, you can see that a lot in the cities, while a man gets tanned begging for a living, an affluent person zooms down in his chauffer ridden, windows rolled up BMW. Why such a high contrast?

I mean why do you want so much wealth? What will you do with it? If you can change somebody’s living conditions why not use it for that noble cause? You are not a permanent member on earth, you will die and all the huge mansions that you made will become the places of ghosts.

There is a lot of salary differences and a lot of bias in the way we Indians treat our poorer sections. I have noticed that we bargain even with the maid when we hire her…..why doesn’t she deserve to get a good living? Doesn’t she put her efforts sacrificing her family time in doing the works that you can as well do, but your laziness doesn’t permit?

I see in the construction sites that a thin torn net is hung, as a safety measure for the labourers, is that fair? Doesn’t his life have a price too, like mine and yours? There is no ambulance, there are no first aid boxes, nothing for these labourers, not even a free mid day meal.

All that the daily labourer gets in the city is – say Rs 200 a day, out of which about 50 or more goes in drinking and smoking, and another 50 in gambling, what’s left for the family? And they don’t have medi-claim and insurances also.

These things will never be scrutinised by the government while it will be busy in gambling and scamming. We need to pay our labourers more, provide them with free snacks, and midday meals and provide them with maximum security and first aids.

Please if you are reading, please think about these things, they are crucial. The answer and the change lies within us.


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