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It’s Bollywood bashing time…

Remember those Bollywood movies in the eighties and nineties

Those songs, those curly hairs and those ghagra cholis…….

One fav songs of those times by our self styled chichi – aa, aa, ee,
oo, oo, oo, mera dil na todo. Only fat, thick eye browed, aunty types
will iska heart not todo, not some babe.

Lo, the history is repeating itself once again.

We have all the meaningless movies once again in the circuit. What was Farhan thinking in Akhtar calling Akhtar? Err…………….mistake, mistake Karthik calling Karthink? And that Javed Akhtar lyrics that add the bland bland spice-Jogi nach le……………who was a jogi there ??

I think its high time for the budav to go to maccah madina and become a jogi. Every Filmfare award he comes up with that urdu speaking contest like monologues which no one is interested in seriously. Trust me! What were senior and junior akhtar addressing? I guess their mental illness has come into the movie also.

Then there is this unheard movie called Ek second, which has another
funny lyric that is kabhi rukhta nahin kisi k liye ek second…………..we know that dumbo. Don’t have to sing that and what a bad unmelodious tune……………crows have better tunes.

Oh and ya Veer was another disaster, Sallu’s gone fat……..looks
like a 48 year old tribal wooing a beautiful princess to make
honeymoon in his cave.

He should stop acting as a hero and prefer roles of an elder brother to the hero………….much older brother,those that get born 14 years before the hero is born.

Songs are so bad these days…
love me love me love me your papa says you love me, your mamma says you love me, so love me baby love me………….truly pitiful sallu’s plight!
None to love him?

Who writes these songs? I guess the historical badboodaar lyricists
are bad with their stale and tasted methods from their self-inflicted

By the way, What is behne de mujhe behne de,,,,? Has a pervert meaning I guess, abhi looks like my doodhwala. Mani ratnam should not have wasted so much on him, rather chosen my doodhwala, wife would come free, instead of ash to give that gavwaali effect.



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