Cruelty is in the air   1 comment

I read these two articles in Mumbai mirror today in their World news section

Parents plead guilty to sex with son, 9

A Sydney woman, who along with her husband were charged with multiple offences in November 2009, has pleaded guilty to having sex with her nine-year-old son. The woman, 48, and her 56-year-old husband were charged with offences related to repeated sexual assault of their now 10-year-old son during 2009 at the family home at Peakhurst in Sydney’s south, reports the Australian.The couple allegedly made video recordings, which were later posted online…..

Innocence lost-Man puts 8-year-old son up for sale in slave auction
China: Chained to a metal post, this fear-stricken boy of eight is being sold by his despicable dad in a modern version of a slave auction. The father made a sign showing the child’s name and age and offered him to passers-by in the street.A small crowd soon gathered around the boy and some of those who were interested in buying him asked if he was a reliable worker…..

What are the so called educated people doing? Letting children get
sold for a few hundred dollars or so? Why don’t Governments all over the world, focus upon the education and the rights of children rather than sending satellites to space, and spending multi-billion to find if there are other creatures on other planets?

I wonder where the child rights are and why isn’t there a stricter
vigilant law to ensure the safety of children from parents who torture children and also parents are paedophiles?

Paedophilia is a crime just like murder, where a life is
lost completely. But it’s worse in paedophilia, as the minors have to
live with the trauma and helplessness for their entire lives, yet
these manic sons of bitch paedophiles go scot free, or a maximum of a decade of a jail term is sentenced.

Why doesn’t the UNICEF, which has the G8 Committee and several other committees, do something about the miserable pitiful condition of the children who are deprived of their childhood schooling, drawing,crafts, picnics – instead they are being forced to take up tough jobs as a labourer, miner, boot-polishers and all the other low life jobs.

Children from the under-developed as well as the developing countries are in a traumatic state and that’s what they would be giving as fathers to their children too-since they don’t know what a “real childhood” is. They need help and their desperate condition needs to be addressed.

Children from all over the world and especially from countries like India, China, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal are the targets of human traffickers.

The girl child is forced into prostitution while the boys are used by the drug kingpins and other criminals to generate more money to their earnings.

Slumdog Millionare the Oscar winning movie featured these real stories in a flimsy manner. Here in India, the children are kidnapped from the slums, and sold to the dadas, who hire some butcher to forcefully handicap them, of course without any consent of the child. (Anyways who would wish to be a handicap?)

Then after their wounds are healed they are sent to traffic signals to beg, sometimes they are taught some old bollywood devotional song to get that extra rupee.No food, shelter or clothing for these street urchins. They are the ones that offer to clean your window shield when you are stuck in the traffic.
In many houses the maid brings in her daughter to work along with her,shouldn’t the maids daughter be in school learning some alphabets.

They are the ones that grow up and become chain snatchers, mobile
thieves, pick-pocketers to meet their needs. What other way do they have? They were denied education by the huge society, they were denied shelter and were denied good hygienic food.

Its high time we stop blaming and do some bit from our side towards humanity.

We talk ungenerously about the menace that the street urchins and the chain snatchers create, but ask yourself, would it be so if they were literate if not educated like you and me?

Please babus and netas wake up, its work time you lazy ass.

Globally it is known that, Children in Africa lose their childhood mining for the global demand for diamonds. They are denied nutrition and education. All they know is the heat and the whip. What do we do about this ? Nothing….

Golbally, Paedophilia is common everywhere, like all other crimes these are also of the hush hush manner. The recent headlines of the news papers tell us of the pitiful state of the altar boys who are forced by the parish priests to have a sexual relation with them. These stories are not uncommon. They are there everywhere. Even in India

All I want to address that why don’t we want to look after the ones
those who have come from us and why won’t we help them?

Children in our country are still hit by their seniors, at home, at school, why?

How would you feel if you are hit by your boss in front of the whole office? They too have self-respect like us and they should be treated like a human offspring.

I say



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  1. Not only this, just yesterday on AAJ TAK channel, I saw a cliping of a fisherman in Surat throwing his three small kids (less than 4 years) in to a pond like garbage just to teach them swimming!

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