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Vatsayana, the Indian legend who wrote the KamaSutra, left behind a legacy which the whole world embraces, not because they are particularly interested in the Indian works but because of the highly pleasurable fantasies that the word ‘sex’ leaves behind.

When I went to visit the Ajanta and Ellora caves and the Elephanta caves, I was somewhat young to understand the male female bonding beyond the terms of friendship. I saw many statues greatly carved, some of men and some of women, some of the mythological gods and goddesses. Some statues to my amazement had a man with two women, by his sides. Some however had two women standing side by side in a seducing manner. These things never entered my mind until I grew up and saw some of the snaps that we took then. I realised that the gay-lesbianism is not western concept, but a global one that was encountered by people of all centuries.

The “sex” topic has always been a taboo in the Indian household, with superstitions around such talks. That is why even a huge number of people today, still don’t educate their children about protective sex, HIV and AIDS. Yet India has been the pioneer in several sciences today, even the science of sex.

Gay and lesbianism must have been existent in the Indian society then, even in the Before Christ Era, but they were kept behind the doors to avoid social embarrassments. These were the “hush-hush affairs” of those days.

Somehow in the past half decade I wasn’t quite able to digest the idea of a man making love to a man, my little suspicious brain started to imagine how two sweaty, “beardy”, “moustachey”, naked men would make love?

Who decided on what’s right and normal and what’s not? These rules have come down from history, nothing more, say the homosexual sympathisers. Sometime back when article 377 was amended in India I devoted a lot of thought on these issues.

I thought, what was on their minds? Were they so completely engulfed by the lust of the bodies? Were these homosexuals so empty headed that they had nothing to think of other than burning in the desire to make love to a fellow man or a woman? What were they thinking?

What made them attract to each other? With having the same genital organs how could they satiate the feeling of love of the opposite sex? In a straight relationship the blessed loving couple who are much in love feel the attraction towards one another; did they feel the same attraction too? I was hugely confused.
Imagine my son fully grown up, coming home and telling me, “Ma, I want to get married, can I bring home my partner tomorrow?” to this I respond, ‘’tell me her name beta” and my son says, ‘’it’s gonna be a surprise,” to which I unfortunately agree.

Then comes the day of meeting the bride, ………….err, sorry, GROOM. Who will inherit my jewellery? My son’s got a DAMAAD for us……NAHI I scream as I dream this futuristic haunted dream of “gay-giri”.

Baba Ramdev the “new age messiah of yoga”, travelling around the globe and serving the humanity by teaching the art of yoga and its benefits, once quoted that homosexuality is a psychological disease.

I completely agreed with him for some time and I felt that someone had to treat these miserable homos. In fact our country would be soon turning into a country of homosexuals who had no control over their bodies. I tried to apply many a theory as to why this happens, but was unsuccessful.

Then I realised that all is made by God, and I resentfully agreed that a homosexual person if loyal to his/her partner is not harming the society, just like a married couple doesn’t harm a society.

The issue of morality is of great importance here, like in a marriage. Not only on an emotional level but also on a physical level it is always safe to have just one partner and be loyal to them. We can keep so many sexually transmitted diseases at bay by loyalty towards our partner. This way, the bond of love develops and gradually increases, giving heightened pleasure at the act.

“They” too equally have the right to live with dignity and respect, as long as they are not following the way of sex workers and are loyal to their partners, which according to me should be the way for heterosexuals too.


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  1. Nice thoughts on homosexuality. I still believe it’s psychological disease which stems out of past behaviour and beliefs. Though I don’t believe that homosxuals will be loyal to one another. Promiscuity can prevail anywhere regardless of nature of sex. Nice blog, though !!

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