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Man is a social animal and bonds well with his kind. Man can’t live alone, he needs more than a companion, to live.

Man has been like this since the creation. Even in the stone age times, he went hunting with his kind. Man has always been living in a community.

He then realized that if he had to live peacefully in a community, he had to have certain rules. Then they came up with their rules.

Every community in the ancient world up to this day has their specific code of conduct. In the times when man had not yet deciphered the art of writing, he painted in his caves all that he saw around.

Slowly over the centuries man developed the art of writing. So, he had moved from the pictorial representation of his thoughts and deeds. Man started clothing himself and reproduced as many as he could. Slowly and gradually his number started growing, and now he has managed to fill the earth, with different communities, different races and different skin coloured people. They have different ways of conduct, speak different languages and look different from each other.

All over the earth, since the evolution till date, man has looked at nature for every need of his, be it food, clothing or shelter. In the pre-historic times the primitive man ate tubers and roots and hunted for his survival.

He dressed with the skins of the animals that he had hunted and used their teeth and bones as ornaments; they even sharpened their bones to form primitive spheres and arrows. They even sharpened stones in order to mash and cut the fruits and tubers.

In those days, they didn’t have the spices and almost ate semi-cooked food. They followed the sun and the moon to be their Gods. They bathed in the natural springs, lakes, rivers and water-falls. They were not ashamed of their nudity. They made clans and lived together, in modern times clans have taken the shape of huge concrete cities. They lived under the trees and on mountains.

Since then we have been using up our natural-resources and we do nothing to fill them up a little bit.

We are increasing in number day in day out, and with every “one” increase we will need more food, more electricity and more water. Where do we get these from? We have huge demands but the supply is limited. We can’t plant trees and expect them to grow fully in ten days. The forests that have been wiped out have resulted in climatic conditions that affect us drastically. The rains are scanty; the summer heat is unbearable even if we stay indoors.

In India, soon in a decade or two we will have more respiratory diseases, thanks to urbanization, no green spaces and thanks to the fat Babus (the so called Government Servants) that give the Builders & Developers, the permission to build towers on the pasture lands and what not…

We will have lesser immunity and our children will never experience the serenity of nature unless they are taken to vacations to witness the greenery. As a result of the above factors we can assume that the prices of basic necessities will increase, the inflation will raise, yet the population won’t decline, taking us to the worst of times. There will be increased poverty as a result of which heinous as well as petty crimes will increase. People, rich and poor will forget the meaning of peace, and the meaning of life will be to earn bread and butter, nothing else. This is a broader view which nobody is willing to see.

Organic farming methods have been long forgotten, we directly eat foods that are more chemical than natural.

So what do we expect in return?

Diseases, we will be witnessing a number of diseases due to these chemicals in the long run. These chemicals get deposited in the intestinal tracts of our body and who knows they must be producing hazardous effects.

What we need to do now is

    Stop “urbanizing” an already urban settlement

    Let there be greenery even in the urban structures, let the cities be planned in such a manner. (Now I would not call Mumbai a “real & proper urban settlement”, but a cluttered one for sure)

    The government should educate the “below poverty liners” of the hazards of having more stomachs than they can feed.

    Let us move towards small towns, where there is a possibility of having properly planned urban settlements

    Children should not be educated just academically, i.e. supposed to be literacy, rather they should be treated as citizens of tomorrow and should be taught the importance of nature which is directly related to the betterment of all mankind

    Let us eat as much as we need to, let us say no to gluttony

    Let us have just as much clothes as we need

    Let us use all our resources scarcely. (Do you know all our pasture lands meant for grazing the cattle is soon vanishing and are being replaced by factories?)

    Let us get closer to Mother Nature, from her we come and to her we go. (We are made of Panch Mahabhuts (Five Elements) viz, earth, water, air, space and fire. These are the Five elements of nature, which every living being is a part of.)

The other day I read that a particular species of rat has just become extinct. People might laugh at this, but it’s a serious issue. We have come to know of some species getting extinct, maybe we don’t know there might be many types of plants and animal species which are getting extinct due to the adverse climatic changes plus their habitats are fast being encroached by a huge species of two legged beast, called the Beastly Human…which never stops “eating”


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