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“Shokale uthiya ami bhalo mone boli,
Aami jano aaj k bhalo hoye choli,
Aadesh kore ja mor guru jone,
Aami jano shei kaj kori bhalo mone.”

In the hustle-bustle of this busy life we might never get to say a prayer. We are so preoccupied with the tangles that we have bound ourselves with.

And we visit those sacred temples with a firm belief that God would only answer our selfish prayers if we happen to stand in long queues with a fasting stomach since the wee hours to just get one glimpse of our holy deities.

We have been taught from generations to focus upon these beliefs related to God. Where did such beliefs come from?

I guess they have been coming down from the ancient family tree to the present generation. People from all walks of life be it the common man or the super star, they all believe in the calmanac, the shubh mahurat.

Mr. Bachchan with his family visits the holy Siddhivinayak temple and the Tirupati Balaji. Rani Mukherji is a great devotee of the Shirdi Sai Baba. How much does God mean to all of us? Is God pleased with the “chadava” (offering) we offer him in the temples? People all over the world have different perspectives of God.

However in our country India, we have a vast volume of believers. We have believers that believe that God is Shiv Swayambhu which means that he was never created by any one, there are the devotees of Durga and Lakshmi with their different names and avatars that people in different parts of India worship.

Then there are the believers of the Ganapati. Being the son of Shiv and Parvati, Ganesh is worshipped first in any puja to make it more successful and the ancient rituals call for worshipping Ganesh before proceeding with the worship of any other deity.

Then there is a huge following for Vishnu with his various forms and names, some call him Krishna, some call him Narayan, some even Jaggannath and some Ram.

With our country being secular, we also have a great number of Jains, Sikhs, Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists and Parsis. Some call him Allah, some call him Jehovah and yet some call him Ahura Mazda. With a huge population and with varied beliefs, we keep discriminating as to which religion is the best.

But to me all these names are for that One, I might call him with a name I would like to call him by, still he’ll answer me.

The Hindus among themselves believe in one deity and they do not believe in the other deity, though they bow but they don’t pray to the other deity. A Shaivik does not worship Vishnu. They feel that Shiv would be offended. Likewise there are other religions which do not entertain the outsiders, Parsis best suit this category.

Then there are Christians-catholic and the believers. Catholics love Jesus as well as mother Mary and they idol worship them, believers however don’t worship mother Mary and keep their prayers only to God through Jesus. They believe that Jesus gave his life for the whole world and that he was the holy lamb of God, and because of Jesus they’ve come to know God, in other words Jesus is the son of God.

Muslims have the Shia and Sunni variants though I don’t know much about these variants.Jews believe in the old-testament, till before the time Jesus was born. They believe that their messiah is yet to come and Jesus was not their messiah.

With all this confusion and discrimination in the name of religion I hope I did justice to explain the various beliefs of “devout religious human beings”.

They perform different rituals, go on fasting for a month, crawl all the way to temple to sanctify themselves of their sins, but is it really helpful?

In Tamilnadu, there are a group of followers who pierce their cheeks, and let a steel rod pass through it in the name of religion. Isn’t that insane? People still perform animal sacrifices to worship Kali. In the ancient times men were sacrificed for certain rituals for worshipping Kali.

The new trend since couple of decades is that has the “world speaking is about the jihadis aka terrorists, who kill in the name of Allah”. They don’t want to believe that we all that is the entire creation is Allah’s and they have no authority to kill another fellow human on the grounds that we are infidels.

As for me, I feel that God is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent which means he is everywhere is all-knowing and can do everything. Who are the true infidels then? And who are the true believers then of a God whichever name you may want to call with…

The infidels are those that bribe God so that they may succeed a particular task. Those who are corrupt, stir hatred, liars, cheaters, who preach yet, do not practice what they preach.

God loves those who are honest, loving, kind, helpful, who practice the good old virtues hard to find in these times.

You don’t need several mantras to reach God, you just need a thankful heart. You can pray any where any time and there is someone who is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent hearing you. He is ever ready to help his true believers.

People say that God punishes, it’s not God that punishes, it is their wrong deeds or the karma.

Why blame God unnecessarily? God gave us the brain and the conscience to know what is right from the wrong, if still for our selfish motives we keep pursuing all that is wrong we will stumble and fall.

What if you decide to walk on a dark road without a torch despite having a torch? It’s foolishness.

Sir Issac Newton had a very interesting theory related to karma, he stated among his works of the law of motion, that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. So in case even if you don’t believe in God you ought to believe that you reap what you sow, God is blameless.

All rituals, all fasts and all the self implicated tortures are completely unnecessary.

God knows what’s in your heart, you don’t have to prove him anything. Let us all be truthful in what we think, say and do.Let think, say and do everything in co-ordination. That should be the guiding light for people of every faith.


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  1. “”All rituals, all fasts and all the self implicated tortures are completely unnecessary.””
    You have summed it up really, in just one sentence, I agree

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