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Oh now that our dear Bhaarat Mata (or that should be “Mother India”) has embraced the western culture, we do experience a lot of ‘Fusion’ in the urban areas.

‘Fusion’ in respect of the fashion, page 3 parties, cuisine etc. The British came to our country and left behind a lot of memoirs-The Victoria terminal, the Gateway of India, the Bombay High Court etc naming only a few.

Our western counterparts are developed countries with booming economy. They have schools for all children of their country, the latest weapons to secure their nationals, they emphasize on women power and some-how at any cost and any ways, want to rule the world. They are the most civilized of people with “accented” English, and we Indians work here according to their timings in our BPOs.

Since the world is a small place, our western folks come here to experience the country of snake charmers and Naga sadhus and they are entertained more than an Indian brother welcomes his other Indian brother.

They like to see our naked little children defecating on the pavements. They quickly grab their cameras and roll down the windows of their cars to capture that very special moment. They like to see the Indian low life.

Some how we Indians are very welcoming and get fooled easily, there were Vibhishans in our own country and that is what helped the British do the “raaj”.

Hundreds of men were killed in the name of freedom fight and their widows were taken away by the white skinned to be their concubines.

Their mantra was to divide and rule which has been adopted stealthily by all our politicians in the present era too.

Now, most of our politicians have a criminal record and they manage to get that ticket before the elections. Though they never think for the betterment of our nation, they manage to become member of the parliaments – Lok sabha and the Rajya sabha.

There are politicians also who have changed parties like we change our under garments. Apne ko kya karne ka hai? (What we have got to do?) – is their personal slogan.

White is what they are always clad in, yet their hearts are so black. They are corrupt, vulgar and stirrers of violence. They are contradictory, opportunists. They feel the need to walk down the streets and voice a cause just before their elections, fearing the opposition might win. They are most interested about their Gaddi (The coveted Chair)

They stir up differences in the name of religion, caste and the native place of birth. Calling them serpents is an understatement.

Why are they so lazy? We have pot holes and pot holes and then another pot hole. No lights on the connecting highways. No continuous water supply, no uninterrupted electricity.

O one slogan that I feel best suits them is “apna kaam banta, toh ma *&^%^$# janta.” (As long as we are happy, screw the world)

For the sake of winning the polls they get locals to create havoc across the city, public transport comes to a screeching halt and in some cases they are burnt down too.

None can move out of their houses. When these Netas and the Babus come to inaugurate a public place, they manage to be as late as possible given that they own the Gaddi and are in Raaj.

Their convoys take a toll on the traffic, they are given more security than they deserve. They are unimportant public figures and taking a glimpse at them, a lay man might be able to read their faces and say what they really are.

Why are they given so much security? What about us-the mango people … the aam aadmi? (the common man)

We are the pedestrians, the hawkers, the drivers, the students, the teachers, the doctors, the common Indian going about their businesses… – and there comes the boom, the stampede, the stone pelting, the lathi charge, the burning down of buses and trains.

Where does that leave us? During the two and a half day of gun battle and “homicide” on the fateful day of 26/11 we witnessed emotional as well as physical trauma, hundreds were injured and a huge number died too.

What were these politicians doing then? Sipping whiskey and watching the suspense unfold on their 44 inch plasma TV, eating chicken legs, discussing the status with higher party high command of what their position was after the terrorist attacks?

After the terrorist attacks, different people from different embassies had zeroed in on Mumbai to help their respective nationals.

But who were to help us, the Indian nationals?

The police here have no more than their age old service rifles and their pistols which are so old that they may get jammed at opening fire during a combat.

What’s the use of carrying useless Defence weapons if they don’t defend you from the enemy?

But our western “firangi” Police Departments have the latest arms and ammunition, to defend themselves as well as public.

As you know, most of the nations abroad have free education or have very nominal fees. They believe in 100% literacy, that is why their country is much more developed than ours though we have the second largest population in the world. They serve nutritious healthy food as well as milk in their schools.

As for us I read last year, one of the Mumba municipal schools were caught serving old tetrapacked milk way after its last consumption date to their students. My friend remember that late 90s song ‘it happens only in India.’

People abroad have state of the art hospitals and specialists, their medical facilities are way advanced.In fact I feel that on such grounds, India is lacking behind a century to come up to their standards in these areas.

We should only pick up from the others those virtues that would change us for the better.

Blindly aping others will, I feel, take us no further.


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