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What I am about to write today is experienced by all of us.

I always keep on wondering why do all of us love nature? Why do we love the sight of lush green forests? Why do we love those mind refreshing waterfalls? Why are we so enchanted by the night sky? Remember how we gazed at the stars and the moon? How we love to immerse our feet in the sea, and how we love to take a dip in the lake? It’s just so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you noticed that in Urban India, there is chatter everywhere, people say they have no peace though they have all that a person could hope for. They have the food they like to eat, they can spend in that luxurious specialty restaurant, they go to the spa to feel rejuvenated and that special herbal message gives them the lift.

The clothes, they buy from the high street malls where the prices are jaw dropping exorbitant. They stay at their posh decorated apartments in the suburbs. They own the latest chauffeur driven SUVs, they just sit on the back seat, focusing on how their day will proceed, whom to meet, where to meet and the thought of grabbing that “multimillion deal” keeps their minds occupied.

They have several personal assistants from the lower strata to arrange that corporate lunch with their valuable clients. They keep asking God to give them more and more and they know the tricks to climb the hard corporate ladder.

They are their boss’s pets and the boss is completely lost when they are not around. They get those enviable salaries, plus all the perks plus their loans are paid by their companies, they are the asset of their organizations. They have the corner cabin and “they” are foreign returned executives who work hard and party harder.

They are proud to announce at any point of time that they are the target achievers and they work for a good fifteen hours, that’s quite above average, that’s why they are above average. They air-travel extensively to different metros to hold meetings. So they have well more than what they need. Yet they want more. Why are they so greedy?

On a recent trip to Mysore & nearby areas, I was so absorbed by the simplicity of these places and cuisine and the sandal wood fragrance.

I felt so close to myself and realized that things are better when they are simple and that is how all things are, we complicate them.

Actually I feel that when one gets the fragrance of those “stiff green notes” they begin to complicate themselves. How far have people gone for that extra money?

They have pushed themselves their abilities, sacrificed family time for those few zeros. What good are those zeros if they don’t give you the peace of mind ??

And I would like to add that people would do anything for those zeros-they murder, commit adultery, spread rumors, do all sorts of filthy things for that extra zero.

They simply don’t understand that with every extra zero they are adding an extra zero in their lives.

They like complicated life. They are so used to it that they barely want to change. They think that complication is normal.

On my travel, I had been to a very interesting place called Red hills. That place was surrounded by greenery and had eight lakes bordering it.

Those lakes had sky blue unpolluted waters, I could see the bed of the lake, it was so clear. Even at exact noon it didn’t feel like the sun’s scorching you.

Little children dressed modestly were playing with a football. It was breezy and there was a certain chill in the air. There were huge eucalyptus trees everywhere, maybe that’s why the air was so chilly.

The children waved at us when we were passing them. We got down of our car to grab the scenic beauty of this spot. I had never been so fortunate before, never visited a place so mystical before.

We had to climb the Red hills through the winding hats, and from the ghats the view was astonishing.

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On the slopes of the hills we saw several graves of the deceased who lived there. They were Christians. Such humility!

The children I met, ranged from 5-13 looked so happy, may be I was never as happy when I was their age. They looked fearless. I had a fear of exams, tuition, a scolding from parents, etc, etc.

Simple is truly defined this way…I saw women washing clothes outside their huts on the slopes of the hills. Some had their charcoal stoves outside their huts and they cooked there. The sight of a pot on those stoves with smoke emitting from them gave such a rural feel. I could hear a song being played on someone’s radio, the sound was remotely distinct.

I seldom got this opportunity to witness this sort of a silence that I witnessed being there. Silence was all they knew and was a part of their daily lives. No honking, no loud noises. Just the wind passing through the leaves and the chirping of the birds is all that they knew.

They had no clue where we came from, how complicated our lives were. All they did was wave and smile at us. One strange thing I noticed that, none of the village folks were wearing spectacles, none of them wearing hearing aids, none walking with a stick although many among them were old.

I guess none liked to sit idle in front of their “idiot boxes”. They were all active from children to the elders, all had physical work. And because, there are no much transportation, people prefer to walk and do their chores themselves.

I didn’t want to come back, I wanted to stay there for the eternity, but what to do?

Complication is what we urban people choose to quench our greed.

Greenery always brings peace to me, its soothing. It’s peaceful and the tranquil that it brings is unmatchable. I don’t have much greenery near our home, it’s all crowded with people from all different walks.

Everyone seems to be searching for their silent place of surrender. Let us be simple, let us be happy with what we have and let us thank the Almighty for his abundant blessings. Whenever I feel greedy I tell myself that God has given me as much as I can handle, so in good time and cause if God sees the necessity he will give me the ability to handle more and that’s when he will bless me with more.

Moreover our minds keep on thinking, dreaming, cursing, and harboring negative thoughts. That is the chatter that disturbs us.

For bringing peace into our lives, we need to quieten our loud mind. Take a break and look within ourselves for that simple person with lesser needs in us.


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