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It all started a few months back, with my son becoming 15 months old, I thought I’d pursue some long-term interests of mine, like reading, writing and of course good food eating as well as cooking.

So I started experimenting with my regular food and tried different patterns for meals. Earlier for meals I prepared complete thali with a dal/lentils, 1 vegetable, 1 non-veg, roti, rice, followed by a Dessert.

Now I was stuck! My son was growing every day, I found out that I couldn’t spend as much time in the kitchen as earlier I used to.

Those were the days that taught me the necessity to manage my time. So how did I do it?

I foremost didn’t want to cut on the nutrition so I switched to salads and raw fruits, milk and chaas, fruit juices and sandwiches. as my husband and I are great non-veg lovers, I couldn’t resist it from my palate. so to make my non-veg preparations easier i started learning different recipes that added veggies with the meat to make it more nutritive. that way, your nutrition is intact.

Before having our son, we used to visit a lot of food joints, we like all sorts of food except the bland variants. so from those episodes I recollect we had visited Yoko’s Sizzlers, a number of times and that sizzlers are great to taste as well as they are nutritive. So I thought if once a week i could make us some sizzlers then that would be a great idea to save time as well as satiate our taste for different food stuffs.

One thing is for certain that We Indian women care a lot about our families and are left with no time to pursue our interest.

Oh! I forgot to mention they are actually not left with any energy either to pursue their interests. Don’t think that all urban women have the time and the energy to pursue their interests. in the Indian household, a woman’s life revolves around her kitchen, her husband and her children not to forget the in-laws.

Just because we are urban citizens and educated doesn’t mean that women amongst us don’t face issues like this. it’s just that women being the mothers, sisters, wives, daughters don’t like to come out of the traditional closet and pursue their hearts. They are meek and easily bullied by their male counterparts into doing what these so-called males think is right.

If such is the case in urban India, what’s the scenario in the rural India?

My question to myself at such a point was why should we be traditional at the cost of our energy and time?

We have access to internet, have countless options of nutritive diets, why not apply those to our daily lives so as to bring about a change in our daily routines. like i just said if we find a little time for ourselves we will be refreshed. some times thinking out of the closet helps………give it a thought!

Here are some recipes and foods I prepared..maybe I will write in detail about some of them..

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