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The wife…Over the many years that she has been married, she has catered to the wants of her in-laws, the kids, her parents and not to forget the husband who is so self centered. He is the center of the typical patriarchal family.

He has always seen his very modern yet orthodox dad (sorry father) getting that sort of attention from his mother and his aunts and his grandparents. So what? So what if it’s the 21st century and the men are singing the “ladies first slogan”only through their mouths but they know the context skin deep.

Well, darling it’s far far away from application still in a developing India we are very proud of.

We are still expected to do the chores at tender ages like 10, neighbours start talking of matrimony from 18 onwards, even though we have the mind, willingness and the intelligence to study as hard as the men.

Well I see one honourable woman who led our country-Indira Gandhi. There’s a lot more to name -Dr.Pratibha Patil, Dr. Kiran Bedi, Sarojini naidu, PT Usha, Sania Mirza. Look at their intelligence and their spirit! They have an undaunted courage man!

Ok lots of talks about the super women of our country….There’s a superwoman in each of us. Unknown to us. Hidden beneath the responsibilities of day and night, layers and layers of anguish and grief and criticism.

You know what’s the best part of being a woman? We do and do and do……do for our loved ones with lot of perseverance. (But we hate listening to complaints of our loved ones….)


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