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Here in our country, in these days, only two strata of people are privileged-the rich and the slum dwellers which include the below poverty liners, our maids, carpenters, etc. Now, also there are students who are committing suicide over marks and exam stress. Is it the peer pressure or the incapability of accepting oneself with their virtues and inabilities?

I felt very sad that day. My heart was reaching out for those unfortunate who came to live with us only for a decade or two. The rich have a benefit, they can have every thing under the sky, even a fool proof 90% plus marks certified certificate from any university they desire.

The schedule castes are very lucky too, for the Government has laid down so many opportunities for them to get educated. For example, for them the cut off after the 10th standard exam is 45-50% for the science stream and the cut off for them in commerce is 37%. So where is the place for open category students with average marks?

Why, people with merit are left back for some non meritorious students?

Isn’t that a loss to our country?

In fact these so called backward people receive free books, their fees are nominal and their coaching in college is free, in fact they know for sure that their laziness in academic performances will take them places.

But what about the middle class hard working students who pay whopping fees in coaching classes pay fees plus donation to get in colleges plus sacrifice their teenage spirits in order to excel in exams ?

Am not against Government to support the Financially Backward and the Socially Backward, but am just hoping that government recognize merit to social class and financial stability.

In order to produce better qualified citizens in respective fields, rather than having doctors with 48% in municipal hospitals with neither interest nor the qualification for the post, we are posing a serious threat to all the civilians.

Merit in education and also in every field is the call of the day.

Let us be just to all by selecting the deserving candidates irrespective of their social class.


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