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My husband gave me a revelation on a Sunday night – Don’t get involved in other people’s lives.

How true!

I was an agony aunt till today, tried to solve people’s problems by my so called intellect on the pretext that if some can change their attitude by my words, then I should help them. But how wrong I was!

It’s just our goodness that we give time to hear others. We are considered vents, so that they can cry out to you for help.

I agree that crying helps in overcoming the hurt that you’ve been through. Now what I want to say is this that I can’t change other people’s lives.

I’ve tried but not succeeded. So the best thing that can be done is hear, advice, and draw the line; remember you have only 24 hours in a day and too many tasks to accomplish. Here your time management does the tricks.

Also there is a saying – what goes around comes around. So if depression and negativity are the things that are going around, I’m sorry to say, gloom and anger will soon be your friends.

So let them be. Also, there are some that will keep complaining about every instance of their lives, you should stay miles away from them.. if they are your relatives and you have no choice, just listen advise and get on with your work.

Life is already so complicated for people with families earning their daily bread with sheer hard work, why complicate it more ?

My husband also gave another advice that is – To not keep on complaining for everything. I guess that is why he has so many friends.

It’s a virtue to find qualities in other people rather than picking up on their bad qualities. I’ve heard many a times that each one has been blessed by Almighty with a certain quality, that makes him different from the other.

Teach all the depressed ones to remember what they were taught in the childhood. How many of us remember what was taught to us in the childhood? By the time you are in late teens you tend to forget half the things, because of the competition and the stress.

And when you have reached the middle age, you forget every thing that was taught by our respected seniors and the teachers. Remarkably we practiced every teaching of theirs till the 10th grade…later everything fell apart.

What happened to greeting our elders, being polite, standing up when some one elderly enters the room, not interrupting when some one’s speaking, sharing, respecting elders and the youth?

What happened to these teachings? Well some idle people like me have the time to sit and remember these golden rules to abide by in order to live a fulfilling life, but for the busy ones who are busy catching trains, running to college or work and doing the chores like a machine, I have to say one thing, DON’T FORGET ONE THING THAT IS – WE ARE NOT MACHINES BUT HUMANS AND LET’S BEHAVE LIKE ONE. (Image : TedRheingold’s Flickr)

Computer Virus Spreads to Humans by TedRheingold.

There is so much “tu-tu, main-main” every where right from the school level. People have forgotten the word ‘we’.

I noticed that this uncommon word is now ONLY being used in appointment letters to make organizational commitments.

People are constantly blaming the present generation for their lack of patience and respect. I want to ask such fools, didn’t the earlier generation blame you too for such things. This generation and every generation has much to give and has given. Consider every decade as a blessing to mankind.

Technology is developing at a faster pace for the betterment of all. Now people don’t want to embrace the technological developments due to their biased reasons.

They say that the internet is a den of the evil. Google is not “Good”

But most importantly there are two sides to the same coin.

If you use a knife to cut vegetables and feed the hungry bellies, the knife is useful. If you use the knife to murder then the knife is a weapon for murder. So internet has much productivity.

In fact like I just wrote that we must not forget what was taught, these are the stepping stones and make life simple. Did we forget A, B, C….no na, then are these commands any less important?

People find me boring, good for them, good for me. I too don’t like people, who judge according to job positions, residential address, qualification, color of the skin, etc etc.

So by all means I try to avoid them and their hypocrisy.

Remembering hypocrisy, did you watch those reality shows? How come they are such hypocrites? Do they do the same things to their siblings? Don’t they feel that their parents will feel sorry to have born such children? Roadies, Splitsvilla, Big Boss, every reality show has hypocrisy.

And is hypocrisy the strategy adopted by the channel heads to sell their soaps? What happened to meaningful moral viewership?

Where is meaning in any of the soaps that have hypocrisy, infidelity, gossip, saas-bahu enmity, maid-master relationships? Yet the bahu-betiyan are busy watching these meaningless things and increasing the TRPs of such serials.

I wouldn’t blame the channels much but the foolish viewers who consider such malice entertaining.

You have the remote, you have the choice to see what and what not.

It’s like Gandhiji’s three monkeys, one closing ears, other closing eyes and the other closing mouth, all with a purpose. Every one’s intellect directs him to do things, you just have to listen.

How can you get so addicted to the things that any one abhors? And more importantly they are not educative neither are they of any moral?

Why bend upon the things that are “un-educative” and immoral?


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