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Some weeks back, I was reading in Mumbai mirror, how Vivek Oberoi was disappointed like million other devotees of Nityanand Swami, that cheat. (Image : Mumbai Mirror)

So, I was not quite taken aback. For I feel to every human being there are two sides like a coin-the good and the bad. The good side lets you do the works of peace, kindness, gentleness, patience and other virtues. The bad side influences you with the help of external mediums to the things that would be completely contradicting the good side deeds.

So, Nityanand was following a Godly path, but got influenced by his evil side and had for a woman lust which no saint is supposed to have.

In the spiritual context the saints are known to address the elderly and the younger women as mother and daughter respectively. Who knows what all drama is hidden behind this sanctified saffron garb of a saint?

Now it has become difficult for the humble to distinguish the pious from the pervert.

Who then is the humble pious? Some one who doesn’t preach but practices, and through his practices he preaches.

These so called ash clad swamis are full of ego and are greedy like hungry sharks for discipleship, so that one can boast to the other, ”look I have more disciples than you and I have more ashrams than you do.” O misleaders, how the world is waiting to unfold your deeds done in the name of sacredness!

Another news in an earlier report in the same paper about some priests in Haryana. They molested young unmarried girls. Molestation is a crime. Then why should molesters be differentiated? Molesters are molesters. They are neither priests nor the roadside crook. They are molesters and look at every women barring their mother and sisters, with lustful intentions.

Some time back I read in the paper that the catholic church in kerala, had announced that one of its nuns had committed suicide. But later after a lot of probe it was thought to be murder. Though, Christianity is a minority in our country, nothing came out of this probe and as far as I have read no action was taken against any one, due to lack of evidence.

So the nun’s life was a waste or a holy sacrifice to hide the unholy deeds of the clergy? Who knows what lies behind the closed doors of the rooms that say, “No admission without permission.?”

Then a very controversial book by a nun, I neither remember the name nor the author of the book, was published in Malayalam, later translated to English. This controversial book created a furore in the catholic community countrywide, especially in Kerala, as this nun was from there and was addressing a church there. I didn’t read this book, but from what the papers said about this book, I remember the nun claiming how these priests and the higher authorities have physical relationships with the nuns, but consider themselves far superior to the common married man.

This is absolute hypocrisy. They say they are unmarried because they have vowed to be celibates till their last breaths. Sex in the name of celibacy? Aren’t these two words and deeds completely poles apart?

I would say that if you are tired of your celibacy, announce it to the world, stop fooling yourself and the world. When someone leaves the material world to be a Sanyasi as they say in our Hindu tradition, a ceremony is held, people are fed and the sacred saffron robe of a Sanyasi is given to the to be Sanyasi. This ceremony is just like the marriage ceremony. It’s big too. It also consists of reciting of holy mantras and shlokas, and the vow is taken. So all am saying is this that let the sanyasi who does not wish to be a sanyasi anymore, for reasons best known to him, announce to the world that he should not be looked as a sanyasi any longer and that he will surrender his robe and be a free man without vows of celibacy, sanctity etc.

There might be so many celibates across the globe, who have never wished to marry and still do not wish to. They don’t wear a saffron robe and go on preaching, they carry on their business. These numbers are microscopic. They must be leading a holy life too. Never slandering, never lying, never cheating, respecting their parents and doing what their respective religions call them to do. Doesn’t observing all these make them saints? Do preachy speeches make a person god-man? Are not deeds more powerful than words?

I can tell so many preachy chocolate coated motivational words but do I practice them when I am alone? Spirituality is a way of living, it’s how you live a holy life.

Terrorists think that they live a holy life, they call themselves “mujaheddin”. They want to kill people in the name of Allah, so that Allah is glorified. Allah loves his children alike. Why would Allah be happy to see his children dead? Simple? God is peaceful, calm, and healing not restless, destructive and “un-peaceful”. Why can’t we pray with busy minds? Because its through peace that God is attained not restlessness.

So I say whatever my opinion about spirituality be, it’s each one to his own. It’s their opinion.


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