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I feel that there exists no love, love is a fictitious delusional feeling. The actual term to be used here is attachment.

Well, I have come to realize that attachment is the true feeling. When a man and a woman fall in love, what happens? They are attracted to each other, and some day or the other they consummate their relationship by making love.

So after making a lot of love over many years, the boredom settles in, and no one wants to make love as frequently as they used to. Then what happens?

Slowly and gradually you begin to accept that this is the way it is. You wont come to know where the “love” has vanished.

Therefore, the love stage is as transient as life is. So I feel that love is not the right word. Love is meant to be eternal, without expectations and demands and complaints.

Where does it all go in 10 years? After a few years, the spouse who was once upon a time one in a million becomes like the rest of the million.

The love is dead and buried, whose remembrances are not even left in the heart. A child is so much loved, cared, and hugged and kissed when its small, as the child grows the fondness vanishes. Then we are irritated with it and ask it to leave.

Every relation works this way. And if some relation does not fit into this frame, then it’s love, may be.

Other names of love are lust, dependency, sympathy, pity, kindness, generosity, motherhood, fatherhood, friendship, advisor, teacher.

An advice to anyone who reads this is that when you are so much confused about any relation, ask what it is? You’ll get the answer in your heart.

I get another feeling, that we are all here for the sake of others, that God has put us together to take care of each other.

We are very selfish. What did I come to this world for? How many of us ask ourselves this question? What’s the answer? I think I came to the world to be a daughter, then a wife, and a mother, hopefully I want to be a mother in law too.

Every one needs something or the other, child needs attention, food, clothing, shelter, and all the parents give freely without asking anything back until the child is 14-15….then there are parent’s expectations, then the child is suddenly an adult and is expected to behave in a certain manner.

Then he grows up and finds a job where he needs money. Then he needs a life partner. Then he needs a house to stay in..then life partner comes and the house comes, then he wants decorative items to decorate the empty house, along with some furniture…….

There will be a part 2 or more to this topic…someday…


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